Version 4.0 Release Notes

Version 4.0: Date of Release: April 2019

Summary of Major Changes

  • Added Export and Import Menu for all functions that allow interactions between StructureSolver and other applications.

  • StructureSolver now has a plugin for Petrel (Versions 2015 and later). The plugin enables users to work with StructureSolver in Petrel environment. With the plugin installed, StructureSolver can flexily interchange interpretations in both directions with Petrel. StructureSolver window can now be opened directly from Petrel, either by exporting a Petrel seismic line to a StructureSolver solution, or by opening a previously saved StructureSolver solution in Petrel. The plugin will save the exported Petrel line to a .structx solution file, and the file can be opened in standalone StructureSolver application.
  • Added functionality for flip workspace.
  • Improved functionality for smooth curve segments.

Detailed Description of Changes

Export and Import Menu

Display Menu

Interpret Menu