Licenses for Academic Institutions
The StructureSolver company has an interest in identifying and developing strategic academic partnerships.  For this purpose, we are happy to:
  • provide licenses for the StructureSolver software to accredited colleges and universities
  • give permission to use copyrighted website materials for teaching

The software and materials may be used in graduate and undergraduate teaching programs, and in academic research projects.  We hope that this will provide students who plan a career in the earth sciences with an enhanced understanding of the processes involved in development of complex geologic structures.  

The educational license restricts use of the software to educational or research purposes.

Application Criteria

  •  The University or Institution must be an accredited institution of higher learning and offer undergraduate and/or graduate degrees.
  • The University or Institution must offer degrees in the Earth Sciences.
  • The University or Institution will provide the required hardware, infrastructure, and training needed to provide student access to the granted software.
  • The University or Institution must be approved as a strategic partner by Nunns and Rogan LLC.
  • The University or Institute Department responsible for the software should provide a link on the Department website to to publicize the information about the software to students and staff.
  • Universities or Institutions located within the United States must have non-profit tax exempt status under IRS 501 (c)(3) and 509 (a)(1), (2) or (3) and provide documentation of this status.
  • Universities or Institutions outside the United States must have non-profit status and provide documentation of this status.'
  • We request that the gift be acknowledged through its public affairs office in all publications, event programs, bulletins and alumni newsletters, as would all other donations.

Software Use Terms and Conditions

  • The software may only be used as a learning, teaching, and research aid through undergraduate and graduate courses, graduate thesis or student academic research projects.
  • The software may not be used for any personal, private or commercial consulting, training or teaching, or for the purposes of generating revenue for the university or any individual.
  • Any technical papers that are written using the StructureSolver software must reference the software; Nunns and Rogan LLC shall have the right to publish or refer to these papers on their website as appropriate.
  • Licenses are issued on an annual basis.  Institutions are asked to provide a report on usage when their license is renewed.

Current Academic Users

Harvard University

University of Idaho

University of Lausanne

University of Granada

University of Calgary

DePauw University

Australian School of Petroleum, University of Adelaide

Imperial College, London

Universite Nacionale de Mexico

University of Auckland

University of Arizona

China University of Geosciences, Beijing

Zhejiang University

Nanjing University

Western Kentucky University

Texas A&M

Oklahama State University

University Federale do Rio Grande do Norte, Mexico

University of Western Australia

University of Sannio, Italy

El Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada, Baja California

University of Haifa

Cuidad Universitaria Venezuela





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