About StructureSolver.com

The purpose of this website is to provide information and support for the StructureSolver software application.  Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Statement.

To ask a question or maIntegrated Analysiske a comment about this website please submit a Website Support request.

Logging in to this website

The website has a large amount of information available to public visitors and an even larger amount available to logged in users via extended menu choices.

There are two ways to log in:

  • If you are a Registered Website User simply login using your username and password, using the Login link at the upper right corner of the website. After you have logged in you will see your User Name in the upper right corner of the browser window.  You may only have one logged in session with your personal credentials at any one time.
  • While you are using a licensed version of the StructureSolver application, you can select the StructureSolver Website menu item under Help.  This will automatically open a custom browser window where you are automatically logged in to this website with the special User Name StructureSolver.  You will not need to enter credentials.

You must have cookies enabled in your browser to log in. 

Please contact Website Support for assistance if you have difficulty logging in.

Applying for Login Access

Provided you are not logged in you can use the Apply for Login Access link at the upper right corner of the website. 

Website Navigation

Almost all content can be accessed via the main menu and is organized hierarchically (see Site Map).

Using Sliders and Tabs

StructureSolver.com uses sliders and tabs so that you can easily view extra content (such as videos) without navigating away from your current page. Click on the link below to see an example.

Using Search

The StructureSolver website provides a standard Search capability on every site page.  You may use the basic search function by typing a word or phrase into the search box in the upper right corner of the website and pressing Enter/Return or clicking the Search magnifying glass.

Using Forms

You can communicate and interact with the website using forms, which include:

  • Login
  • Edit Profile (once logged in)
  • Contact Us
  • Software Support
  • Website Support

You must have cookies enabled in your browser to use these forms.  For an explanation of our use of cookies please view our Privacy Statement.

The labels for each form input box describe the information to input.  Further detail is provided in a tooltip which appears when the cursor hovers over the label.  A small red triangle at the top right corner of an input box indicates that the value is required.

Javascript is used to validate input data so that you can be advised of errors in data type, or missing required fields before the data is posted to the server.  The forms will still work correctly if you do not have Javascript enabled on your browser, but validation of form data will be slower.  

We transmit all form data through SSL to protect your  information.

When you are communicating with us via a form, and you are not logged in, you must enter a validation code from a "captcha" image shown on the form.  This is to prevent form submission by automated bots.

Browser Compatibility

We test this website on the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Firefox
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  • Safari (both Mac and iPad)

The videos are HTML5 compatible and do not require Adobe Flash Player.

The website is fully responsive and displays on iPhone and Android devices