StructureSolverOceanPlugin for Petrel

The StructureSolver Plugin for Petrel Versions 2015-2018 was released in January 2019.  The plugin enables you to seamlessly export your seismic data and interpretation to StructureSolver and to update interpretation easily between Petrel and StructureSolver.  Working within the Petrel environment, you can:

  • Choose any 2D or 3D seismic line and associated interpretation (faults, horizons and multi-Zs) and bring up in a fully configured StructureSolver window.
  • Perform structural analysis - restoration, modeling, area-depth-strain analysis -  in StructureSolver without altering your Petrel interpretation.
  • Update your Petrel interpretation with modified or new interpretations from StructureSolver.
  • Update your StructureSolver window with additional interpretation from Petrel.

At any point, you can save your StructureSolver solution to continue your interpretation at a later time.

You can see more details on the plugin in the Overview video, and for detailed usage instructions, please view the Plugin Workflow video and consult the documentation.   

Please contact your StructureSolver representative for more information.