Licensing and Pricing


StructureSolver is licensed using energy industry-standard license software from Flexera Software. Two standard types of licensing arrangement are available for StructureSolver:

  • Corporate floating licenses. In this scenario an unlimited number of StructureSolver executable programs may be installed on a company's PCs, but there is fixed number of licenses available at any given time. These licenses are administered via a FlexNet licensing server, which is typically a standard component of an energy company's technical computing infrastructure. Licenses are available to all users over the network on a first come/first served basis. When a user is finished using StructureSolver, they relinquish their license and another user can take it up (on an instantaneous basis in any given working day). Licenses can also be borrowed to be used on laptops off the network. If a license is not available when a user needs it, they can use StructureSolver in unlicensed mode to review, but not change, previous work.
  • Node-locked licenses. In this scenario, a fixed number of licenses are locked to individual PCs, where they can be used on or off the network on an unlimited basis. Each PC must contain an appropriate license file.

Non-standard license schemes are possible by special agreement if they can be supported by a FlexNet licensing technology.


StructureSolver licenses are priced on a progressively decreasing scale to encourage wide-spread use of the technology within corporations. 

Special significant discounts are available for academic institutions.

Please contact us to discuss pricing.