About Us

The StructureSolver company was founded as an independent geological software development and consulting company by Alan Nunns and Mary Rogan in 2009.  We saw the need for software tools that would enable  geologists and geophysicists to apply structural geology principles in their everyday work.   We started the development and marketing of StructureSolver in 2010 with the goal of developing software that is:

  • based on accepted structural geological principles, 
  • easy to learn and use -can be used by all earth scientists, as well as structural geology specialists
  • fully interactive - no waiting for results
  • can be used with data from any interpretation system
  • affordable for any earth scientist

The first version of StructureSolver included a simple two-dimensional interpretation system, an elegant one-click restoration feature (Nunns 1991), and structural modeling using the fault bend fold method (Xiao and Suppe).   With these tools, geologists could quickly interpret faults and key horizons on any 2D image, immediately check the correlations across faults with the one-click restoration, and use the structural modeling to validate their interpretations,including detailed fault shape, correlations across faults.  The speed and flexibility of the software meant that geologists could explore multiple interpretation hypotheses rapidly, and develop a better understanding of the structural development of their basin.

Over the next versions, we added tri-shear fault propagation modeling, extended the animations to multiple linked faults, added strain analysis, and most significantly,  the first interactive implementation of the area-depth graph method for determining detachment depths (Epard and Groshong 1993).  We extended the area-depth graph method to the fault trajectory method (Eichelberger et al. 2015), for determining fault trajectories.

We are continually striving to add new and useful functionality to StructureSolver, while keeping the software easy to learn, fast,  fully interactive, and flexible.  We value interaction with customers and try to be responsive to their requirements.


To sustainably grow a customer-focussed geological software and services business by creating, selling and supporting creative technology that solves important problems and is genuinely easy to use.


  • Creativity, technical expertise and perseverance
  • Open and collaborative communication within our company and with customers and partners
  • Employee development by providing challenging, interesting and diverse work
  • Efficient and secure management of the digital information that is at the core of our business
  • Contributions to the discipline of structural geology through publication and academic outreach
  • Focus on sustaining and growing our business

Business Ethics

We are committed to honesty and transparency in all our business dealings, and we follow all legal requirements.  We maintain the highest security for our customers' business information, and respect all intellectual property rights of our partners and customers.

We Welcome Inquiries

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