Alan Nunns

Alan is the president and co-founder of StructureSolver LLC, and the principal developer of StructureSolver.  Alan worked for Chevron for 24 years with the following responsibilities:

Developer for Chevron's first 2D interactive seismic interpretation system

Team leader basin analysis and founding co-leader of Chevron Structural Geology research team

Led the structural  framework definition for Chevron's 3D acreage in Nigeria.

Managed earth science for Chevron's largest asset area in Nigeria. Developed and used innovative geological, geophysical and drilling technologies to increase production by over 20%.

Global IT Manager for Chevron Overseas Petroleum.

General Manager of Global Technology and Strategy, responsible for the evolution and transformation of Chevron's Global Information Technology Systems.

Alan retired from Chevron in 2006, and serves on government, university and private company boards.  Alan has a PhD in Marine Geophysics from the University of Durham, UK, where he was a Commonwealth Scholar from New Zealand.  Alan is a lifelong backpacker and enjoys skiing in the Sierras and sailing.