StructureSolver Release Notes Version 3.1: Date of Release: June 2018

Summary of Major Changes


  • Simple base map display.

  • Ability to smooth curve segments (useful for solutions that have imported auto-picked horizons).
  • More operations now allow repetitive actions.

Detailed Description of Changes


Display Menu

Interpret Menu

Structural Components Menu

Advanced Modeling Menu

  • The stability of displacing a curve on a faulthas been improved for faults whose deepest segments have a shallow dip.  The displaced curve now follows the cursor movement in the direction of the deepest fault segment.

Restoration Menu

  • Two minor bugs that were fixed in Restore Section or Structural Component.
    • Restoration would very occasionally fail due to a floating point rounding error.
    • After restoration, points shown during a Modifyoperation retained their original color, after the curve attributes were changed.