Version 1.4 Release Notes

Version 1.4: Date of Release: July 2012

Summary of Major Changes

  • In the Help menu, a StructureSolver Website option has been added. This brings up a form in which you can browse the contents of If you are running StructureSolver in licensed mode, you will securely signed on as a licensed user, and will have full access to confidential content that is restricted to licensed users. This means that licensed users can access secure parts of the StructureSolver website without needing a user name and password. Alternatively, if you are running StructureSolver in unlicensed mode, you will have access to the public areas of the website only.
  • In the Help menu, a Submit Support Request option has been added. This brings up a form in in which you can submit a support request.
  • The ability was added to Split or Trim and Join curve segments during Interpretation. This makes it easier to modify complex horizon and fault interpretations prior to Restoration.
  • While in Interpret/Draw, hitting the "X" key will remove added points one at a time. This makes it easier to correct minor errors on the fly.
  • In New Curve Category and Add Structural Surface to Fault, color and pen width values are saved every time you make a choice, and become the new default values, within a session and between sessions. In previous versions, the default values were fixed.
  • In the Structural Modeling menu a function was added to Delete a Structural Model for a Fault.
  • In Structural Modeling, faults that are newly selected for modeling will have a shear angle that is the same as the most recently modified shear angle. In previous versions new models always had a shear angle of 67 degrees. Buttons were also added to the Change Shear Angle dialog to set the shear angle to predefined defaults for extensional and contractional faults.
  • The Change Shear Angle operation now displays a warning if you change shear angle in such a way that the horizontal dimensions of the model extend near to or beyond the total scrollable display area.
  • The Restore function stores information about the unrestored and restored horizon lengths and the stretching factor (from restored to original configurations) in the Notes for the restored solution. This information can be viewed using Edit/Edit Solution Info.
  • In previous versions of StructureSolver displayed images were limited to a maximum size of 16 megapixels. This limit avoided any possibility that StructureSolver might run out of memory. In this version, you can change the pixel display limit in Display Settings, up to a maximum of 1000 megapixels, which is useful if you have a PC with copious memory. Increasing the maximum pixel limit for image display will allow you to circumvent the initial limits that might otherwise apply when you wish to create a new solution using a large image file, extend an image to a considerable width or height, or zoom using large factors. However, StructureSolver may still run into memory limitations as you try to display image that is too large and you may receive subsequent warnings or error messages to that effect.
  • The Help system has been updated to reflect all changes.

Version 1.4.2: Date of Release: August 2012

  • Minor bug fixes.