Version 1.1: Date of Release: June 2010

A major modification was to incorporate license management technology from Flexera Software, replacing the license management approach used in Version 1.0. See Running StructureSolver, License Info and License Administration.

Edit/Import From Solution:

  • In Version 1.0 after importing a calibration and then using Undo the screen image was not refreshed to the previous calibration. This bug was fixed.

Display/Calibrate Image:

  • In Version 1.0 if you canceled out of the error message box raised by the Validate button in the Calibration Dialog, the changes you made to the Calibration were retained instead of discarded. This bug was fixed.
  • Added warnings for times entered in milliseconds and for unreasonably small or large velocities.

Interpret Menu

  • Modify: In Version 1.0 there was a bug whereby Undo Modify was an available option after canceling the Modify operation with the right mouse button. This bug was fixed.
  • Cursor tracking warnings were added to alert the interpreter if the functions, Modify, Add Points or Delete Points cause the structural model associated with a selected fault to extend beyond the scrollable limits of the display.

Structural Modeling Menu:

Restoration Menu:

  • The method by which individual horizon segments are ordered and concatenated for Restore was improved to make it virtually foolproof for geologically reasonable extensional and contractional structures.
  • The set of error and warning diagnostics for horizon/fault intersections was significantly expanded. The program now detects as errors situations where an adjacent horizon segment does not project into a fault or a projected fault intersection is unmatched on the other side of the fault. The program now detects as warnings situations where the projection into the fault is at an acute angle or where the intersection with a fault occurs within a horizon segment. All these conditions can be examined in Display Intersections, which has been updated to give more explanatory diagnostics. These improvements should eliminate most of the common causes of confusion and error in using the Restoration functionality.

Help Menu:

  • The name of the first menu item has been changed from "Contents and Index" to the more descriptive Show Help.
  • The License Info menu item (giving details on the Flexera license status) has replaced the previous License menu item.


  • The StructureSolver main title displays an indication if the application is being used in Unlicensed Mode.
  • The Help System has been updated to reflect all changes and to fix various minor errors.
  • StructureSolver has been extensively tested in the Windows 7 environment (no changes were required).

Revision 1.1.1: Date of Release June 25, 2010

  • The application was modified to run on Windows 64 bit desktops and laptops.