StructureSolver has a simple and powerful interpretation system that is seamlessly integrated with modeling and restoration.
  • You can import a seismic or geologic section in any popular image format and rapidly calibrate the section.
  • You can interpret faults, horizons and markers very efficiently because of StructureSolver’s well-designed, intuitive set of drawing and editing functions.
  • At any point you can create a fully interactive structural model based on any fault in your interpretation.
  • At any point you can perform a "one-click" restoration based on an interpreted horizon that extends across two or more fault blocks.  The restored section is instantly displayed in a new StructureSolver window allowing for sequential restoration and modeling.
  • You can instantly undo or redo almost every function in StructureSolver (with up to 20 “undo actions”), allowing you to explore "what-if" scenarios without concern..
  • Screen contents can be printed or exported.  
  • Images, interpretations and models are saved as StructureSolver Solutions in an XML format that can be easily read by other programs.

Watch how simple it is to interpret in StructureSolver

Interpretation Basics

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StructureSolver Interface

How long does it take to learn how to use StructureSolver?
  • StructureSolver has a short learning curve - measured in minutes rather than hours, and useful work can be performed very quickly.
  • StructureSolver has an integrated and fully comprehensive Help System describing work flow as well as individual menu and dialog actions.
How reliable and robust is StructureSolver?
  • We put every effort into ensuring that StructureSolver is  simple and powerful,and also extremely reliable.
  • We test a comprehensive range of and actions and conditions, taking advantage of StructureSolver's flexible and interactive workflow.
  • StructureSolver carefully handles unusual data or user actions, usually by displaying real-time interactive diagnostics.