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New video content

StructureSolver is proud to be the first to develop a new generation of interactive, easy-to-use structural tools which are accessible to all geologists and geophysicists.  In order to introduce these tools to a wide audience,  we provide free training and example videos so that users can learn how to use and apply these tools in a timely and convenient manner.  These are some of the new videos we have made available on the StructureSolver video gallery 

  • Area-depth strain analysis is a powerful technique for validating depth to detachment and determining layer parallel strain.  StructureSolver developedr the first interactive and straightforward implementation of this technique.    Please view our Area-Depth Graph Basics video and find out how easy it is to use this technique in your interpretation workflow.
  • Trishear fault propagation folds are common in both contractional and extensional regimes.  Learn how to quickly develop a trishear model for your faults in the Trishear Basics Video.
  • StructureSolver offered the first interactive capability to link structural models of faults in the Version 2.0 release early 2015.  This is a very powerful means of analyzing and visualizing the timing and development of linked fault systems.  See how easy it is to buld a linked structural model in the Multiple Linked Structural Models Video