StructureSolver is an indispensable interpretation aid and structural analysis toolkit for earth scientists working in faulted basins.

StructureSolver helps you:

  • Understand structural history
  • Infer correlations across faults
  • Validate fault and trap geometries

With StructureSolver, you create value by increasing the speed and accuracy of seismic interpretation and by reducing the risk of hydrocarbon exploration and development.

StructureSolver features robust and simple interpretation of seismic and geologic sections.

StructureSolver lets you perform rapid and intuitive structural forward modeling.

StructureSolver also features “one-click” structural restoration, where you can instantly restore interpreted seismic or geologic sections by restoring slip across faults.

StructureSolver combines simplicity of use with technical rigor.

StructureSolver is an indispensable interpretation aid and training tool for explorationists, development geologists and structural geology specialists working in faulted basins.