StructureSolver is interactive 2D structural analysis software designed to address both common seismic interpretation challenges and complex structural problems.

  • Correlate across large growth faults
  • Determine timing & evolution of multi-fault structures
  • Restore and understand deformation of salt-related & mobile structures
  • Relate fold shapes, fault geometries & displacement
  • Relate tectonics & stratigraphy
  • Decipher complex burial histories: erosion & inversion
  • Predict fault displacements & trajectories at depth
  • Determine depth to detachments
  • Assess internal strain of reservoirs
  • Validate fault & trap geometries


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StructureSolver seamlessly integrates three quantitative structural analysis techniques into any interpretation workflow, at any stage of the interpretation process:





StructureSolver V5.0 Release

StructureSolver V5.0 is now available.   This is a significant new release; new features include:

  • Instant color fill of stratigraphic layers
  • Effortless definition of structural components
  • Stretch and shear structural components
  • Transform to Target
  • Interpretation transfer between base and components
  • Enhanced horizon projection
  • Interactive scale bars