Rui Liu

Rui joined StructureSolver in 2017 after receiving her M.S. in Geology from San Francisco State University. Rui's responsibility is developing technical information, assets and reports, and software development and testing.
Rui’s Master project at SFSU involved oriented rock sample collection, and field-based geologic analysis and mapping for metamorphic structures of late Mesozoic to early Eocene on the Pioneer core complex (PCC), South-Central Idaho. The pressure-temperature-time-deformation history of the PCC in relation to the Farallon subduction and Basin-and-Range extension was revealed by petrographic analysis, U/Pb geochronology, Ti thermometry and thermodynamic modeling.The results were presented in a poster the 2016 AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.
In her spare time, Rui volunteers as a park steward in the Golden Gate National Parks to help on habitat restoration.
Rui Liu, Mary Leech, "Regional Tectonic Evolution of the Pioneer Core Complex, South-Central Idaho." American Geophysical Union (2016). Poster presentation.